SUNPOWER Solar Cell Portable Solar Panel 160W Folding Solar Charging Kit for Camper Caravan Boat 12V Battery or 12V Solar System

SUNPOWER Solar Cell Portable Solar Panel 160W Folding Solar Charging Kit for Camper Caravan Boat 12V Battery or 12V Solar System

List Price: US $419.99
Price: US $419.99
Green Camouflage
List Price: US $419.99
Price: US $419.99
item specifics
Solar Panel
Model Number:
Max. Power:
Flexible Solar Panel:
Number of Cells:
Foldable Solar Panel:
Nominal Capacity:
Number of Panels:
Monocrystalline Silicon
Brand Name:
Solar panel peak power:
160 watt
High efficiency:
Output interface:
Extend/Foldable Size/Weight:
Solar panel craft:
PET laminated
Fabric (waterproof):
600D PVC
Laptop/12V Battery
Product description
SUNPOWER Solar Cell Portable Solar Panel 160W Folding Solar Charging Kit for Camper Caravan Boat 12V Battery or 12V Solar System
Model: GGX-F-SP160W8

A. Feature:

NEW arriving! SUNPOWER from America, Highest efficiency solar cell in the world, 20-23%, 1.5 times faster charging than other solar type.

Most durable solar cell, little flexible, bended to be 20 degree.

Rugged and Weather Resistant canvas

B. Application:
Light weight and portable 160 Watt Folding Solar Panel, including 10A 12V solar controller protecting charging for 12v battery;
18V out with 10x adapters charging laptop directly under strong sun, no needing battery, plug in and play.
Green Camouflage
C. Usage:
laptop/12v battery/phone charging
Below pictures are for reference only. Please in kind prevail.
1. 18V out assistantly charging kinds of laptops (with 10xconnectors, plug in and play):

The solar panel’s output is totally decided by sunshine condition, so the charging time and effieciency will be also decided by this.

2. Assistantly charging the 12v battery with solar controller:
1. 12V +USB 5V Dual Output
2. Three states of charge way
3. 4 indicators showing battery power (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
4. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Technology
5. Short circuit, Electronic protection, Over current protection
6. Maintains your battery in peak condition and protects it against discharging and overcharging
(This solar controller is used for 12V lead-acid battery. If other battery types, you will need other special solar controllers.)
Here the solar controller is only used with 12V lead-acid battery, if other battery types, please contact us.
Above info is based on the solar panel can realize its max current when the sunshine condition is strong enough to reach its peak power.
All solar panels’ output are totally decided by sunshine intension. Its current will be 0A-8A when use. So the real charging time will be decided by sunshine condition.

3. Charging mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, and other 5V reachargeable digital products.
the included solar controller is with USB 5V/3A (max) port, when it is connected with 12v car battery, it can charge phones and other 5v units:

Below link is more details about this solar controller:

D. Specification:
Solar Type: SUNPOWER from America
1. Max Wattage: 160 Watts

2. Max Amperage: 8 Amp (max, at no-load condition)

(All solar panel’s output is totally decided by sunshine intension. Its current is 0A-8A when use.)

3. Solar Panel Output: DC19.8V (Open Circuit Voltage: around 22-25V)

4. Solar Panel Quantity: 8pcs

5. Solar Type: imported sunpower

6. Efficiency: 20-23%

7. Output Interface: SAE

8. Folded Size: 46.5x29x7cm

9. Extended Size: 122x92x1cm

10. Weight: 4.5KG

(The size and weight info will be different due to different designs and measure ways. Please in kind prevail.)

11. Materials: Solar Panel: imported monocrystalline PET laminated on PPT board; Cloth: 600D PVC (waterproof)

12. Color: black, green camouflage, digital camouflage, desert camouflage… It can be made as per your request.

Kind remark: Please leave a message about the needed design and color when placing the order.
Otherwise, goods will be sent randomly as per current stock to make you receive it asap. Thanks.

E. Items Included:

1. 1x160W Folding Solar Panel

2. 1x10A 12V Solar Charge Controller

3. 10x Laptop Adapter Plugs

4. 1x Installed Battery Clamps

Packing: 1pc in box
Solar panel: FROSTED PET laminated
Fabric (waterproof): 600D PVC

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